Jan Jarrard – Fossil Hunter & Potter

Goshen Pass has fossils of sea creatures??   Ocean loving sea creatures?  And this has WHAT to do with art & pottery?

We turn to the pottery by Jan Jarrard to answer that.

Eons ago, when Rockbridge County looked like the Bahamas, sea creature skeletons were trapped in ooze that turned to rock over time.  This rock and its hidden treasures appear on House and Poor House Mountain and in Goshen Pass among numerous other nearby places.

Finding these fossils combined Jan’s love of both science and art, and fueled her creative energy. She created stamps of these fossils and imprinted her pottery.

Geologists and other friends have contributed to the variety of gastropods, bivalves and brachiopods Jan uses in making the unique free-form cups that once again bring together, science and art.

Jan’s pottery has always captured the juxtaposition of science & art:   the  chemistry in the mixing of glazes, experimentation in the layering of glazes, engineering in pottery design, and always the art in having the creative vision and portraying it in clay.


Her fossil stamped pottery goes one step further by artistically capturing and sharing hidden geological features of Rockbridge County with all of us.


One thought on “Jan Jarrard – Fossil Hunter & Potter

  1. Joanne says:

    IT takes a special artist to capture the natural surroundings from years before and continue their existance into the future. Thank you Jan for your creativity and continuous talent.

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