Emotions & Memories

Emotions + Images = Memories.

Or is it Memories + Images = Emotions?

Images can strike a chord, capture a memory or evoke emotion.  Throughout the years, many return to Artists in Cahoots to share stories about what Gail MacLeod’s images mean to them.  Here are a few stories that stand out.

blog pics 2017 (2 of 6)In December 2009, the town & freeways were shut down by a snow storm.   Traveling was impossible.   One man shared that his grandson was born that day and he couldn’t be there because of the snow.   Seeing this snowy image, he smiled ear to ear and said he would keep this for himself but would ultimately give it to his grandson to memorialize the day of his birth.

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I captured this image of a beautiful horse in Collierstown.   Many years later, a woman saw the photo and told me the horse has now passed but she knew the owner.   The owner was thrilled to have this delightful image of her horse.


Charlie the cow (front left) already had a press packet when his owner came to the shop and saw this pic.  He shared that a picture of his grandfather bottle feeding Charlie was front page news many years ago.  Charlie was special to this family and was being well taken care of in his old age.

blog pics 2017 (3 of 6)Many times people purchase my Rockbridge county scenes for an out-of-state loved one.   One man wanted one for his mom who was in a nursing home in Kentucky.   Another wanted one for her daughter stationed overseas.  One young woman smiled upon buying a small framed landscape, remarking how it would bring the beauty of Rockbridge County to her small New York apartment.

blog pics 2017 (6 of 6)One favorite is this 2013 composite of everyday life in downtown Lexington.   Parts of more than 20 images were seamlessly merged.    One day we’ll laugh at this remembering the fashions and styles of the time.  Consider for example the young woman in shorts with cowboy boots.


Their smiles make me smile and help motivate me to get up at dawn to capture the beauty of this area.

Do you have a MacLeod photo that captures a memory of yours?   Please share in the Reply section below, and we’ll share it on our Facebook page.

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