Art That Brings Awareness

The Worth mom & daughter team is well known for their Historic Virginia Brick Collection jewelry designs.

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Lesser known is Rebecca Worth Warner’s national and international leadership in charitable causes – creating special jewelry designs as symbols of unity and awareness.

Rebecca believes the language of art is a powerful communication tool.  This belief is evident in her creation of unique jewelry designs to raise awareness of more than 20 humanitarian and charitable causes.

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A founding member of the Virginia branch of Decoding Dyslexia, Rebecca is an advocate for not just awareness, but also institutional change.  In both 2016 and 2017 she and fellow DDVA members passed new legislation for students with dyslexia in Virginia schools.  The pqbd jewelry collection started as a talisman for parents, but developed into a campaign to start conversations about dyslexia. 

mbd-launch_1_origHere’s the international bit:  Last month Rebecca represented Decoding Dyslexia in England for the launch of Richard Branson’s organization Made by Dyslexia, a non-profit aimed to improve dyslexia awareness and teacher training on a global level.  Rebecca will continue the conversation in Japan this October. 

Below are just a few more of the causes for which Rebecca has designed awareness jewelry:

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Pinwheels – Prevent Child Abuse America,  Sterling Pinwheel Collection.–They had been using a blue ribbon for 20 years but wanted to change to a pinwheel.  The pieces could be seen on Good Morning America in 2015 during a broadcast about Prevent Child Abuse.

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Seeds of Hope, Cure By Design – The Seeds of Hope collection was created for cancer awareness in a runway show where all the models were cancer survivors.

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Knotted Ribbon – AIDS Foundation (which became AIDS United).– Since the original “ribbon” concept started with the AIDS red ribbon, the AIDS campaign wanted to hold onto the ribbon.  We added a knot to the center to represent unity and strength.  We worked with Caressa Cameron, the reigning Miss Virginia in 2009.

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I Have a Dream — This line was introduced at the MLK monument gift shop in DC.  The words “I Have A Dream” are read on a horizontal plane to depict the striations in the rock of the monument. 


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