Designer. Painter. Artist.

Pop quiz time! What do the items in the following photos have in common?

rug 3chair 2sidetable 1

Why, they all sprang from the fertile imagination of Artists in Cahoots’ very own Sarah Gayle Carter, of course!

Back in the day (late 80’s – 2007 to be exact) Sarah ran a successful design studio in Richmond where she trained her eye and honed her skills in line, color and form. The primary business was her line of custom rugs, which she marketed to the design trade via nationally run ads, and a showroom in High Point, NC. Later, Sarah expanded into designing products for high-end home furnishing manufacturers: mirrors, lamps, plates, furniture, and even

Some designs were so popular that they’re still being manufactured today.

Her life and art has moved on since then. She stepped on a path that led her through a rural organic farm, to a farmhouse in Maine and, finally, a lovely painting studio in Lexington. But that’s another story for another time…