Marsha Heatwole & Horsemania

October13th  is the auction for the Horsemania project!

Local artists painted thirteen different life-sized, locally sculpted fiberglass horses, which are on display throughout the streets of Lexington, Buena Vista and Rockbridge County.   These painted horses will be auctioned on Oct 13th, more details.  The proceeds will benefit CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for children).

Cahoots own Marsha Heatwole painted one of the horses.  Learn her inspiration and see her artwork as it progressed.

I (Marsha) thought I would use this forum to share some of the process that went into her creation; how I conceived the idea behind “we Are One” and some of the surprises that ensued. 

I considered this a public works project and therefore felt it needed a purpose of worthiness.  Each animal adjoins peacefully or even melds into its neighbor.  Just as we with all of our relations with the abundant life of our planet must live together, let us be reminded that we must tolerate and meld our beliefs.

As I got more involved in adding more and more species, I realized that I had no human! The child, representing joy and innocence is located at the heart center of the horse and is holding a heart with wings. Taking the love and letting it fly.

Another important aspect of the composition is to respect the musculature of the horse itself. I have always honored the shape of any animal that I have portrayed and this was doubly important to flow with the curves and swells of the horse itself.

Through this design consideration I must mention one exciting surprise that I experienced at the very beginning of the project. I have always been a huge fan of cave paintings, but having only seen them in books and film, it came as a revelation upon the first charcoal mark upon the shape of the horse. “ oh! I totally get the cave painters now” making the picture fit the 3-d shape was the most fun of all.

Please enjoy some of these “in progress” photos.

Thank you- Marsha Heatwole

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