What Has Lee Sauder Been Doing With His Time In Quarantine?

By Lee Sauder


Since Elizabeth and I both have our studios at home, and live a mile from the nearest neighbor, in many ways things haven’t changed much here, and in some ways for the better.

Since commerce is currently hopeless, and I am lucky enough to have $ in the bank to last a couple of months, I have been concentrating on two things:

1) Catching up on neglected homestead chores, and

2) Returning to some projects that I ran out of steam on, mostly because they were way ambitious in scale. I started this sculpture 3 years ago, forging it from a mooring anchor salvaged from the harbor of Camden, Maine by my mentor Ken Barnes. I got stuck at the stage of the first picture because at that point, it got too big to handle without a hoist and trolley system… Last week I figured out a way to engineer that with available materials from my junk pile, and got back on it. She weighs a bit more than 100 lbs now.

She ain’t finished, but she has a name now. “Pangaea”



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