Rain or Shine: Celebrating the Arts in Lexington Virginia

It all started 5 years ago.   Artists in Cahoots celebrated its 30th anniversary by throwing a block party in Downtown Lexington.   Weather was great.   Fun was had by all.

In fact so much fun, that we all said:   Let’s do this every year and celebrate “Arts of Lexington”.

Then it proceeded to rain for 3 years in a row.    But that didn’t deter many folks, and we partied on!

Come 2017, weather is great.   Artists and art abound.

Enjoy our pictorial journey – Celebrating the Arts – over the past 5 years.   The first pics below are from our most recent September 29, 2017 event.

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First the Man with the Plan:   Greg Sandage, the person who expertly herds cats and makes the event happen.



2017 Arts of Lexington Block Party

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The Rainy Years:   2014, 2015, 2016

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The kick starter:   Artists in Cahoots 30th Anniversary Block Party – 2013

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Elizabeth Sauder, Cahoots’ Wild Child

The first week of every month we will feature little known back stories of the artists you’ll find at Artists in Cahoots.   This is our first – look for more to come.  Between these features, we’ll throw in a some breaking news.  Stay tuned.


Elizabeth Sauder is always plotting a creative adventure.


Wanting to paint where the horizon is visible in all directions, Elizabeth hopped a train to Nebraska. She’d never been there before; she knew no one there.  She just felt it was something she needed to do.  A total change of scenery and inspiration, the antithesis of the Shenandoah Valley.


She headed to Great Britain where she sought a place for creative inspiration.   She chose Cornwall, where she struggled to find her muse, but then it happened: a whole new style and a whole new feel.   Amazing.

Elizabeth Sauder

Elizabeth as a carny?   Not expected, but the inspiration hit.   She traveled with carnivals around Southwest Virginia.  Camping where they camp and spending time capturing their sense of place.

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